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Roundworm - Parodies by Bob Kanefsky
Featuring Julia Ecklar and Heather Alexander
58 minutes
$15.97 CD + MP3 / $9.97 MP3-only

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Parodist Bob Kanefsky's Award-Winning First CD!

Bob Kanefsky writes parodies of filk songs. This album features fifteen of Bob's most delicious filk parodies, as sung by the original artists. You'll find parodies about Star Trek, roadkill, LISP programming, and everything in between!

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Song Title (Vocalist) Download MP3
1. Acts of Parody (Kristoph Klover, Kathy Mar and Taunya Gren)  
2. Nobody's Moggy Lands (Seanan McGuire)  
3. Doppel-entendre (Julia Ecklar and Heather Alexander)  
4. Mutant Generations (Steve Macdonald)  
5. Something's Under the Bed (Heather Alexander)  
6. By the Time I Get To... (Julia Ecklar)  
7. The Comforts of Home (Ookla the Mok) MP3
8. The Eternal Flame/God Wrote in LISP (Julia Ecklar) MP3
9. Wise Men Feared to Tread (Acacia Sears)  
10. Mineral Rights (Leslie Fish) MP3
11. Threes, Take 3 (Julia Ecklar)  
12. December of Cambreadth (Heather Alexander)  
13. Meltdown (Julia Ecklar)  
14. Dear Departed (Kathy Mar)  
15. Black Flag (Annwn)