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Horsetamer: The Remix Tracks - Julia Ecklar
736 MB digital download
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Horsetamer: The Remix Tracks!

You can now tinker with, pick apart, and even remix songs from Horsetamer!

With this download, you can use a free program like Audacity on your PC (or Garage Band on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac) to tinker with and create any remix of your favorite Horsetamer track.

Or you can just pop these nearly 100 MP3s into your music player and enjoy hearing the different pieces of Horsetamer disassembled.

Remixable tracks you'll receive are:

  • The Horse-Tamer's Daughter
  • The Dark is Rising
  • Native Son
  • Tin Soldier
  • Shai Hulud
  • With the Trees
  • Songbird
  • Cathedral

If you want to make your remix available for sharing or downloading, just let us know and we'll give you a free license.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (it's free!)

P.S. Looking for the actual Horsetamer album? Click here.