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HorsetamerJulia Ecklar

The long-awaited sequel to Julia Ecklar's Divine Intervention.

Horsetamer: The Bonus ReelsJulia Ecklar

Experience the making of Julia Ecklar's "Horsetamer" the way we did, through these early mixes, producer interviews, instrumental & vocal-only mixes.




Horsetamer: The Remix TracksJulia Ecklar

Remixable tracks for 7 of our favorite songs on Horsetamer. Create your own personal mix... or just enjoy the musical craftsmanship. MP3-only.

MP3-only: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD (it's free!)

Avalon is RisenLeslie Fish

Leslie Fish's most-loved Pagan and mythical songs, newly recorded by Kristoph Klover.

Avalon is Risen (Retro Filk Edition) — Leslie Fish

A special voice-and-guitar only remix of "Avalon is Risen", for those who prefer more traditional "filk" arrangements. MP3 only!

To Touch the Stars

A musical celebration of space exploration! The first-ever anthology CD of songs celebrating human space exploration.

Divine InterventionJulia Ecklar

The long-awaited CD edition of John W. Campbell award-winning author Julia Ecklar's legendary filk album.

Roundworm — Parodies by Bob Kanefsky, featuring Julia Ecklar

Led by Julia Ecklar and Heather Alexander, this award-winning album features Bob Kanefsky's choiciest filk parodies.

My Favorite SingsKathy Mar

First new album in a decade by filk veteran Kathy Mar. Includes her spine-tingling performance of Merlin, as aired on folk radio programs worldwide.

Traveller - Julia Ecklar

TravellerJulia Ecklar

One microphone, one guitar, one voice.