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Eagle Bytes: October, 2007

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The Electronic Newsletter of Prometheus Music

Volume 10 October 2007 Issue 2

In this issue:

1. Five collector's copies of Kathy Mar's "My Favorite Sings"
2. Loads of Random Stuff
- Roundworm & Julia Ecklar music videos
- Divine Intervention sequel update
- Eternal Flame at OOPSLA 2007
3. Pandora's Soapbox



So, a while back, Kathy Mar and I tracked down as many folks as
we could to autograph copies of the "My Favorite Sings" booklet.

Because the eBay auctions went very high last time we did
something like this (and I feel oddly guilty accepting large sums of
money ;-), we're going to make them available directly to the *first*
*five* people who contact us at what we feel to be a reasonable price.

Here's what you'll get for $30:

a. My Favorite Sings booklet signed by as many artists as we
could find. (It'll look kinda like:
http://www.filk.biz/eb/mysings.jpg )

b. A brand new copy of My Favorite Sings.

c. A bonus CD-R with MP3s of any out-of-print Kathy Mar albums
you'd like (all provided with Kathy's permission, of course.)

d. Domestic shipping included.

e. Our thanks. ;-)

All proceeds will these sales will be used to help pay off the
remaining $1300 of production expenses from this album.

[*] - Okay, if you bury with e-mails, I'll make another two copies
available that I'd planned to keep myself. ;-)


* Roundworm & Julia Ecklar music videos

You never know what you find when you browse YouTube, eh?

As for me, I found out music videos of "Mineral Rights" and
"Comforts of Home" from the Roundworm CD! I gotta say -- I think
these videos have their moments -- but I'm more of a fan of what Per
Malm and Thu Trong Vu have done.

You can decide for yourself, though:

- Comforts of Home:

- Mineral Rights:

And a much older music video of Julia Ecklar's "Born Again

* Divine Intervention sequel update

This summer, I went out to New York to visit family. While there,
I had the opportunity to meet up with Michael Moricz and discuss the
Divine Intervention sequel. As you may know, this album was delayed
indefinitely due to Michael's accepting work in Houston, Texas, and
Julia entering graduate school. (Michael has since returned to New
York, working at Julliard.)

I am excited to say that Michael indeed remains interested in
making the sequel happen. He plans to create "concept recordings" of
a few tracks in the coming months to get the project moving. Julia,
conveniently, is also mostly finished with her masters degree this
winter. So it looks possible that the recording may happen in Spring
or Summer 2008, if Michael's schedule permits.

(Michael delivered the bombshell that a Divine Intervention
sequel had almost been possible over the past summer. But, instead,
Michael ended up dedicating his summer to new theme music and aural
branding for WQED public radio and television in Pittsburgh. You can
hear the full 60 second theme in the background of:
http://www.wqed.org/imghome/branding/george.html )

I guarantee, though, we won't be releasing anything until the
fall -- as I am most likely leaving in January to finish *my* masters
degree in the Netherlands, and won't return until July!

* Eternal Flame at OOPSLA 2007

At this year's OOPSLA conference in Montreal, Guy Steele and Dick
Gabriel delivered an encore performance of their dramatic, multimedia
presentation of the history of programming languages. Guy
incorporated the song "Eternal Flame" in the presentation - it's
about 30 minutes through this presentation.

You can find a downloadable (audio-only) MP3 of this presentation


(They're still working on an audio-visual version of the
performance for the ACM Digital Library.)

And while we're at it, the song has also been translated into

...and Japanese:


This has nothing to do with filk.

If you haven't seen it already, I'd like to share the final
lecture of Randy Pausch with you.

Dr. Pausch was a professor at my alma mater, legendary for his
work in merging arts & technology. He was diagnosed with incurable
pancreatic cancer in his 40s, and has only a few months left to live.
One of his final acts at Carnegie Mellon was to deliver a lecture for
students (and, ultimately, for his own children) about how to live
one's childhood dreams - and to help others live *their* dreams.

You can find the lecture at:

My own sentiments match those of one commenter on the Google
Video page:

This is the best 1 hour 44 minutes I have spent with
anyone in maybe my whole
lifetime; I am a 69 year old woman

(admittedly, though, I am not a 69 year old woman ;-)

Best wishes,


P.S. As I was about to send this, I just read the best rant *ever*
about the impending death of major music labels and the future of the
music industry. I think many of you will enjoy it!