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Eagle Bytes: March, 2006

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Eagle Bytes

The Electronic Newsletter of Prometheus Music
Volume 9 March 2006 Issue 2

Hi, there!

Welcome to the "Yippee! Traveller is done!" issue of Eagle Bytes, the newsletter of Prometheus Music.

In this issue:

1. Julia Ecklar updates
- "Traveller" released!
- Looking for Julia's "Dreamer" songbook?

2. Random Stuff
- "To Touch the Stars" in Quest Magazine
- Spanish translation of "God Wrote in Lisp"

3. Pandora's Soapbox


* Traveller Released!

Twenty-five years after a teenaged Julia Ecklar recorded Traveller, the CD edition is now available. All profits go to Julia's Album Fund.

As mentioned last issue, this is Julia's earliest known recording, and it's reprinted for her most fervent fans. We have already sold out a third of this one-time, limited print run. WE WILL NOT REPRINT THIS CD.

If you think you'll want this one day, please buy it now, or you'll be stuck bidding for a used copy on eBay. As a special bonus, I will include any other Prometheus CDs with your order for $14 apiece with free shipping (e-mail if you want this).

If you're new to Eagle Bytes and have never heard of this album, you can read more at:


Or, to purchase a copy, click:


* Looking for Julia Ecklar's "Dreamer" Songbook?

Some of you know that fifteen years ago, Wail Songs printed a gorgeous 71-page songbook featuring lyrics, chords and sheet music to many of Julia Ecklar's songs. A rare copy of this book even sold for about $100 on eBay.

It turns out, though, that Heather Rose Jones still has about 250 copies in her living room, rescued from Bob Laurent's basement. She's not ready to sell these books to dealers yet. But I thought a bunch of you would want one, so she let me set aside six copies for y'all.

E-mail if you want one. It'll be $14.00 plus $2.75 U.S. media mail shipping. (The price is low because it's just my out-of-pocket costs. I'll also waive shipping if you're buying CDs along with it.)


* "To Touch the Stars" in Quest Magazine

Who'd believe that for two months, Barnes and Noble stores across America have stocked a magazine with a feature article about filk authored by a former NASA Chief Historian -- and nobody noticed?

Quest Magazine (Volume 12, Number 4, 2005) offers a feature article titled "Got Filk? Lament for Apollo in Modern Science Fiction Folk Music", covering and quoting works by a number of filkers, discussing Leslie Fish at length, as well as the To Touch the Stars CD.

Filkers mentioned in the essay include Karen Anderson, Leslie Fish, B.J. van Look, Lee Gold, Bill Roper, Terrence Chua, Duane Elms, and Kathy Mar. Citations include Nick Smith, Mary Creasey, and Cynthia McQuillin.

All Barnes and Noble stores should have sold out their stock of this magazine; however, the publisher's website offers copies at $10 apiece, at http://www.spacebusiness.com/quest/ .

* "God Wrote In Lisp" translated into Spanish

Really. You can read it at:


* Free space-themed album by Country Joe

I noticed this while browsing the web one day. Unfortunately, it's a low-quality RealAudio stream. ;-(



On Friday, I was accepted to the University of Washington Technical Communications master's program. The thought of moving out of Silicon Valley is a bit intimidating -- if not just the hassle of moving 4000 units of Prometheus inventory!

I'm not sure what happens next from here. In January, I began a neat job doing usability and quality assurance with friends at a start-up (Flock) -- much more fun than toiling for America Online. Yeech.

Time to fly up to Seattle and make a decision!


Eli Goldberg

P.S. If any of you are really curious (and/or have too much time on your hands!), here's my Statement of Purpose from the application: