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Eagle Bytes: July, 2007

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The Electronic Newsletter of Prometheus Music

Volume 10 [OMG!] July 2007 Issue 1

Hi, again --

Another six months, another issue of Eagle Bytes!

In this issue:

1. To Touch the Stars - download music videos by Vu Trong Thu!
2. Upcoming airplay on "Woody's Children"
3. Other stuff
- Divine Intervention sequel non-update
- New-ish book mentions

4. Pandora's Soapbox


Some of you may know that a young man from Vietnam - Vu Trong Thu
- has made wonderful music videos of many tracks from the To Touch the
Stars album -- as well as of the song "Word of God". While Per Malm's
videos of "Hope Eyrie" and "Terminus Est" -- also available on
YouTube! -- incorporated live actors, Thu worked exclusively all
using video and images freely available on the Internet.

These videos have been available for download on YouTube, and
even featured on Christine Lavin's own home page.

Several months ago, I had the privilege to meet Thu for dinner
during his family visit to Seattle. As a surprise, Thu brought with
him a high-quality DVD of all of his videos!

With his permission, I've posted high-quality MPEG-4 files with
all seven of his music videos for your free downloading throughout
the next two weeks:


You can also find lower-quality copies on YouTube at:


(If you can't play them with your computer's default video
player, I highly recommend either QuickTime 7, or the VLC open-source
video player.)


Stanley Schmidt (editor of Analog magazine) recently assembled a
homemade CD of filksongs for New York broadcaster Bob Sherman, who
has hosted the legendary Woody's Children folk radio program since
1969. Bob loved the filk recordings, and has been airing filk
recorded by Dr. Jane, Julia Ecklar Kristoph Klover and others during
in recent episodes of his show.

On July 22nd, he will be airing two tracks recorded by Kathy Mar
on his Woody's Children program, which can be heard live over the
Internet between 4 and 5 pm Eastern Time at wfuv.org. If you live in
New York, you can also catch it live on 90.7 WFUV.

(Parenthetically, I think Bob is an amazing, humble man. More
autobiographical information about him is at:
http://www.chambersymphony.com/Honorees/RobertSherman.htm ).


* Divine Intervention Sequel - a non-update

I haven't heard anything back from either Julia or Michael, when
approaching them about doing the DI sequel this summer. I'm
interpreting that to mean that it just ain't gonna happen this

* New-ish book mentions

Two books have come out that mention stuff we've published over
the years. So, I thought I'd share those here.

1. "Mel Bay Presents Jazz Chords for Rock Guitarists" - John

John is the guitarist from Divine Intervention; he listed his
appearance on Divine Intervention in the "About the Author" section.

2. "Steve Goodman - Facing the Music" - Clay Eals

This is an incredible, words-can't-do-justice biography of the
life and work of Steve Goodman. He interviewed Kathy Mar as part of
his research, and mentioned "My Favorite Sings" as a Steve Goodman
cover, among other coverage of Steve Goodman's work within filk.

Parenthetically, I have seen PhD dissertations that don't hold a
candle to the level of scholarship and comprehensiveness of this
778-page book. If you are a Steve Goodman fan, I can't recommend this
book highly enough.


Guy Steele closed his keynote (with Richard Gabriel) at the third
History of Programming Languages conference with Bob Kanefsky's parody
"Eternal Flame" from the Roundworm CD. Should a video-recording ever
become available, I will surely share it here with you; I understand
it was a stellar keynote.

Personally, I've been spending the summer in Seattle, having
turned down a user research internship offer in California to run
studies on Firefox 3.0. Just wasn't up for putting myself through
Silicon Valley's (self-inflicted) housing and transportation
nightmare... and I figured I'd have more fun studying intensive
French while conducting usability studies for the University of
Washington. It's hard to beat a 6 week summer vacation.

Have a wonderful summer,