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Eagle Bytes: December, 2007

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The Electronic Newsletter of Prometheus Music

Volume 10 December 2007 Issue 3

In this issue:

1. "Wolf Hen & Corn" Roundworm outtake
(Julia Ecklar & Sheila Willis)
2. Kathy Mar interview by Jodi Schneider
3. Charles Simonyi holding "To Touch the Stars"!
4. Pandora's Soapbox

1. "Wolf, Hen & Corn": First Roundworm outtake!

Thanks to Bob Kanefsky, Julia Ecklar, Adam Puche, and Sheila Willis,
I am excited to be able to provide you with the first-ever unpublished
outtake track from Bob Kanefsky's Roundworm parody CD.

"Wolf, Hen & Corn" is Kanef's parody of Sheila's song "Wolf & Hawk".
We tried to record it for Roundworm. After hours of studio time, the
artists finally abandoned the effort. To complete it would have
required several hours more studio time, which was needed for other

So, I am pleased to share with you an MP3 of what Julia & Sheila
*did* record:


(In July/August 2008, we'll have a signed "collector's disc" of
Roundworm available, with a CD-R of the other outtake recordings. Due
to permissions delays, it wasn't possible to make this CD-R available
this issue.)

Thanks to Adam Puche for converting this from a handmade tape made
by Kristoph nearly a decade ago!

2. Kathy Mar interview by Jodi Schneider

A while back, Jodi Schneider interviewed Kathy Mar for her "Rhyme
and Reason" program on WMUA 91.1 FM (University of
Massachusetts/Amherst). Jodi, I feel, did a smashing job as an

She and Kathy have allowed us to make an edited copy of this
interview available to you. You can download it at:


Jodi will be doing another filk program during their winter break
(late December through late January). Unfortunately, I'm not sure of
the date of this program, so I can't tell you exactly when to tune
in, but it may be on their website: wmua.org

3. Charles Simonyi holding "To Touch the Stars"!

If you have the opportunity to catch one of Dr. Charles Simonyi's
lectures on his space tourist experience, I highly recommend it! I
recently had the opportunity to attend his University of Washington,
walking to campus with Ken Slauson and his mother.

After the show, I jumped the stage to hand him a copy of the "To
Touch the Stars" CD, with Garry Novikoff's "Dog on the Moon" space
tourist satire.

Ken took a picture of Dr. Simonyi holding a "To Touch the Stars" CD
(and a Prometheus business card), which you can find at:


4. Pandora's Soapbox

I'm packing to leave Seattle for 8 months tomorrow, so this issue is
a bit shorter than usual (in fact, I am probably only writing it as a
means of procrastinating on packing. ;-). While I'll pretty much be
in the Netherlands from January through July, there will most likely
be some exciting surprises to share early next year.

I will let you know about the biggest one: two months ago, we began
preliminary work with Kristoph Klover on a CD project with an artist
whom both Kristoph and I have respected enormously for many years.
When we're 100% certain it'll take place, there'll be an announcement

And we haven't given up on Michael Moricz's Divine Intervention
sequel yet. ;-)

Happy Holidays,